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July 15, 2020

We are grateful to share some good news! Here is our most recent update:

  • All of our patients who were fighting COVID-19 have officially recovered from the virus! Our patients are COVID-19 free and we are so thankful!
  • Per our last update, we had 3 positive employees quarantined to their homes. One of these employees is now considered recovered.
  • Per our last update, however, we also had 6 employees isolating at home due to confirmed exposure in their close circles of friends/family. Of these employees, 2 have since tested positive. We now have a total of 4 positive employees that are quarantined at home.
  • Additionally, we still have 4 employees who remain in isolation at home after confirmed exposure within their close circles of friends/family.
  • We completed our federal and state inspection process related to our COVID-19 outbreak. Texas Health & Human Services reviewed all cases to date and the details and information surrounding these cases. They determined that the outbreak was unavoidable and not the result of any deficient practice by the Avante staff, residents, and/or visitors. It was determined that Avante has and continues to implement the best policies and practices possible, given the available information about the virus and its behavior.
  • Should we have another employee (or patient) test positive, we will continue to report that information and that will create a new investigation. Our zip code/area is still categorically high for COVID-19 positive cases. Considering the level of known community transmission and our aggressive testing strategy, we anticipate that we will continue to identify positive employees. We are testing as often as we reasonably can in an effort to reduce exposure by asymptomatic COVID-19 carriers to any patients. We are also still closely monitoring patients that interacted with one of our specialist physicians who initially tested positive.

Thank you for your support and prayers! Thank you for doing your part to reduce community spread. You play a vital role in keeping our healthcare heroes free of COVID-19, and simultaneously, our patients free of COVID-19. We’d also like to thank the Texas Department of Health & Human Services, Dallas County Department of Health, and our state and federal governments for all their efforts to support skilled nursing and long-term care facilities. Thank you to all of those who are committed to fighting during this trying time.