Thank you for looking after me. You have A+ physical therapy (PJ). -Shirley Wyatt, July 2016

We have been very pleased with Avante. Everyone is so very nice and caring. The facility has been renovated and is very lovely. The staff have been great and of course you got closer to some. I like that most everyone has taken the opportunity to get to know us and know my mother’s likes and dislikes. This has been a very good choice and I tell people often! Thank you!- Gina Blount, June 2016

We are so thankful and grateful to the staff and employees at Avante. They have taken such awesome care of me while I heal after knee surgery. Everyone goes above and beyond to make sure all of my needs are met daily. I’m so very happy to be a part of this facility. Here is where I want to come back and do my therapy and healing when they replace the left knee in a couple of months. Thank you all for everything from the bottom of my heart… a special thank you to Philip and Erica Prince. –Robert Cantu, June 2016

An exceptional rehab and nursing home. When I say exceptional, I mean Avante is run by an exceptional team of trained individuals to really care about each and every person to see they get A+ care. It is a fabulous institution of love for every patient. -Suzanne Keilson, June 2016

This has been a great experience. Everyone with Avante has been professional and caring. This is next best to being home. –James Hardwick, June 2016

I love Avante. As a resident at Avante, I received wonderful care and excellent therapy. I could not move my legs or walk at the time. I now can walk and am able to a be a volunteer at Avante, my second home and family. I love Avante. -Barbara Yarbrough, September 2015

I would like to give my take on Avante Rehabilitation Center. My name is Sandra Powell. My husband W.M. Preston Powell was a patient at Avante for 5 1/2 years. I was very pleased with Avante. I have never been in a place like that and see how good the owner and workers were to all the patients at Avante. I would recommend Avante to anyone. Keep up the good work-Sandra Powell, August 2015

You and your staff have been there when I needed you. I cannot begin to express my gratitude and appreciation for the excellent care that was given to me during my “two” stays at your facility. As always, all the staff, administration, therapy, aides, food services, nurses were proficient, professional, helpful, and caring individuals.

You should be proud of your staff and your beautiful facility. And rest assured, if and when my need arises again, I will be calling for Avante’s assistance. -Maurine Wilson, July 2015

This is a fabulous facility for people trying to recover from surgery. So clean, friendly, and helpful. -Susan Rice, January 2015

To this day, my husband Al cannot remember all the details about his stay at Avanté due to the concussion, broken bones and numerous other injuries from a serious automobile accident. He was injured when run over by a car when crossing a street. He does know that his recovery was aided by the excellent care he received from Philip, Ericka, and their staff. He has fond memories of the friendly place. He thinks often of the stay in Avanté, and thinks of it as having something of a vacation feel with a comfortable bed, good food, friendly people, television, and my nearly constant presence.

When my Al needed a rehab center, I visited two other similar facilities trying to find a suitable nursing care facility. This can be an overwhelming process but when I walked into Avanté I knew right away that this was the place for him. Avanté was very clean and I immediately sensed a friendly home-like atmosphere. I spoke to Philip and he made the necessary arrangements. With arrangements made, Al was transferred to the facility from the Southwestern Medical Center.

Al’s recovery at Avanté took about a month. During his stay, he received excellent care from the well trained nursing staff, Philip and his wife, Ericka. They were there everyday, not just managing the business but overseeing the day to day operation and to make sure all the patients needs and concerns were properly take care of. We could discuss with Philip any concerns we may have had.

We were extremely pleased with the attention we both received during tough times. They not only provided the medical care for Al, but they supported me with friendship and understanding as well. They treated us like their family. We are eternally grateful for the Avanté Rehabilitation Center and will always have fond memories of Philip and Ericka Prince. Thank you, Philip, Ericka, and all the staff.

It was with great pleasure that we sent along a gift to celebrate their first baby. -Mia and Al Rabe, November 2014

Avante is a blessing in our community- a place you can feel safe in recommending to friends who need a facility where a loved one can receive quality rehabilitation or long-term care. We were such a family. Being long-time residents of Irving, we were aware of the few choices offered for what our much-loved mother/mother-in-love required when she broke her hip at the age of 96. But we were blessed to have come to know Avante through a friend whose dad was cared for there. ‘Granny’ came for Rehab, and got back on her feet, but wasn’t able to return to independent living so she became a resident. She reached her 100th birthday, plus 6 months, in an environment where she was loved, encouraged, and where her needs were met. As family, we were made to feel welcomed and invited to share ideas and concerns, as well as being invited to participate in the special events planned for all ages. Seeing familiar staff faces for most of those years was comforting because happy employees make for happy residents. Phillip and Erica have invested themselves in Irving; their children are part of the Avante family, bringing happiness and cheer to residents. The staff is trained to care for seniors as though they are family- and that was a comforting feeling for us who depended on such care for our loved one. Avante is a home-owned business; their investment in the city, and involvement in civic affairs, means they’re here to stay, benefitting all residents, but especially our older family members. Thank you, Philip and Avante, for being a haven of care for our ‘Granny’ and so many other friends. –Christine and Jimmy Burkett, October 2014

I came to Avante’ 3 years ago not knowing what to expect. It has been over all a pleasing experience. The reason is due to the owner, the nursing director, the nurses the C.N.A’s and everyone who cares. They understand and they try to work with you through your problem areas and always trying to please you. I am very happy I am at Avante’. It is a clean atmosphere without odor and they have good standards. Avante’ has been good to me and I am very pleased.
Thank you Avante’
. -Tommy Grubbs, March 2014

I went to the Avante in August, 2013 searching for an Assisted Living facility, for my mother. I only heard positive opinions about this facility; since they had changed owners.. However, I learned they do not offer Assisted Living. Next thing I knew, the Avante employee had 3 other people assisting us. One, being Phillip, the owner. They were very professional, knowledgeable, friendly & kind. They offered me several Assisted Living leads & thus, I found one through them.

My mom stayed at the Assisted Living facility from September 2013 thru January 2014. She got very ill in January & ended up in the hospital, for a week. We nearly lost her. Upon release, we knew she could not go back to Assisted Living & needed a good nursing home. My first thought, were my Avante friends from August, 2013. Sure enough, they remembered me & were able to accept Mom into rehab immediately. Now, she is a permanent resident & our family could not be more pleased.

 Avante has gone above their mile, to help Mom. I could not ask for more. They gave Mom a lovely room, with a south window & welcomed her bird feeder. They have also made special arrangements for Mom to eat her dinner early, to accommodate my work schedule.

 Mom had some issues with rehab; but, it was because she had been so sick, lost a lot weight, very frail/weak & depressed. Avante quickly recognized that & adjusted Mom’s meds. What a difference it made! Mom’s appetite quickly improved, therefore her strength came back & rehab is on her daily schedule. Our family, friends; as well as our Avante family cannot get over how much & quickly Mom has improved. 

I tip my hat to Phillip the owner. He has paved the way for his employees. His professionalism & work ethics is a true lead, for his employees to follow. It is a reflection, of a job well done. 

I perceive that Avante is picky about who they employ & with good reason. They want potential employees to have strong work ethics, honesty, flexibility, compassionate to our elderly population, professional & willing to walk that extra mile, for their residents/families. 

If you are considering a home for an elder, please visit Avante, you won’t be disappointed. It is a joy, to have my mom is such a loving & safe environment. I put a high price tag on “peace of mind!” -Meg Griffith Zimmerman, March 2014

As of this writing (19 Apr 2013), my 92-year-old mother has been in Avanté for nearly a month. Mom and our entire family have been extraordinarily impressed at the quality of care she has been receiving. Every single person on the staff we have encountered has been extremely competent, professional, caring, warm, and responsive. The few problems we have encountered have been addressed promptly and thoroughly. The facility has been recently renovated from top to bottom and is bright, cheerful, and safe. The food is good and carefully tailored to patients’ needs. In Mom’s words, this place is “Awesome!” -Dan H., April 2013